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Pink Toner (Witch Hazel & Organic Bulgarian Rose water) 60ml


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This gentle natural toner provides a great conditioner and toner to be used in the morning or evening.  Apply anytime with a flat cotton pad all over your face and neck after washing your face with our Daily Honey Facial Wash or our Alligator Tea Tree Facial Wash for Acne.  After using the toner do not forget to moisturize to help keep skin looking healthy and protected from harsh elements. This Toner will moisturize and balance your PH in your skin.

Bottom line if you feel like skipping a facial wash routine for a day, do not skip using this Pink Toner on your daily routine because it will help to remove  daily dirt build up on your face and keep your pores clean which means less chance of acne breakout.

It is a great Anti-inflammatory and Detoxification for all skin types. This toner promotes healthy looking skin.  It keeps your face feeling fresh and clean.  It contains a blend of Witch Hazel and Organic Bulgarian Rose Water which helps to reduce redness or rosacea.  It is nature’s best all natural facial toner.

Note: Due to natural colorants, the colour of this product may vary from a light pink to a darker pink colour.  This does not change the makeup of ingredients that is added to this product.

Feel the Silky Smooth Difference. Made in Canada.

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