Tea Tree Ear Drops…


Tea Tree Ear Drops 60ml


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Features and Benefits:

Our tea tree ear drops helps to:

*Relieve symptoms of ear aches

*Relieve symptoms of itchy ear

*Relieve symptoms of earwax buildup

*Relieve symptoms of swimmer’s ear.

It is made with pure organic tea tree essential  oil and grape seed oil.

It is super gentle in your ear and it helps soothe your ears.


Lie on a pillow sideways and apply 2-4 drops into ear that is problematic.

Let sit for a 30-40 seconds.

Then turn over on the other side (perhaps placing a tissue over the other ear  to allow drainage of the oil onto tissue paper).

Repeat same procedure to the other ear

Feel the soothing effect.  Can be used on all age groups 🙂


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