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This set contains a full size decadent Brown Sugar Body Scrub (350gr) and a full size Exotic Coconut Bubble Bath (250ml).

This is a perfect set for him or her or anyone at Valentines.

The Brown Sugar Body Scrub gently exfoliates dead skin. It suds up when you exfoliated under water and  leaves your skin moisturized, soft and smooth. We recommend using this decadent body scrub in your shower or while having a bath.  Pamper yourself at home. It contains biodegradable brown sugar, fragrance, grapeseed oil and soap.

The Exotic Coconut Bubble Bath leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed. It has  wonderful soothing aroma that fills your bath and your body with pure delight.  It is biodegradable and it contains purified water, sodium coco sulphate ( coconut oil source), lauralamine (coconut oil source), glycerine, sea salt, essential and fragrance oils, food colour, less than .001% chlormethylisthiazolinone & methylisothiazolinone.




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