Non-Alcohol Gentle on the…


Non-Alcohol Gentle on the Hands FOAM (Used in Disinfectant Wipes) Hand Sanitizer (with a little Lavender & Tea tree essential oil) 175ml


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This All in One, non-alcohol hand sanitizer can be used in both foam and spray bottles.  This hand sanitizer is blended with Soap and Quat  for short and a Twist of Glycerin for added moisturizing. It is super gentle on the hands.  Quat ingredient is used in disinfectant wipes.  It sterilizes hands just like alcohol but without the drying out like alcohol. (this is what the industry uses for sterilization). We’ve added a “little” Lavender and Tea Tree Essential oil to keep the scent clean and simple and to provide extra bacteria fighting properties.  You can barley smell the lavender or tea tree essential oil. This is good for people who like it plain and simple. Helps to keep hands soft and moisturized and super sterilized.

Note:  You can used this in a spray bottle to disinfect counter tops and grocery bags just like how you would use the disinfectant wipes:)

Active Ingredients: Benzalkomium Chloride .13% (Quat for short).

Inactive Ingredients: Water, Cocomine Oxide (coconut sourcec), Benzyl Alcohol and Glycerin.

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