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Natural Sunblock SPF 30 (UVA & UVB Protection) 95gr


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This Natural 30 Sunblock does not contain carcinogenic ingredients. This special formulated zinc oxide base cream – Protects from UVA and UVB sunrays.

This two in one sunblock provides the maximum amount of protection from the harmful UVA  & UVB sunrays plus this dual purpose sunblock acts like a healing salve to soothe red sunburn skin and problematic skin irritations.

It is always best to use a sunblock versus a sunscreen because it gives you a better protection against the harmful sunrays.

When you apply it on your skin it is like wearing a long sleeve sun protection swim shirt but it rubs in translucent 🙂

This translucent sunblock has a clean fresh tropical mango scent that smells divine. You’ll want to eat it but don’t 🙂

Great for all ages. Apply as often as possible when exposed to sun or after swimming.

Feel and See the Difference.

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