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Face Sugar Scrub with Lavender & Tea Tree 60gr


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Lavender Tea Tree Facial Sugar Scrub for acne or simply just exfoliating dead skin.  It is great for all skin types.  It is gentle and moisturizes your skin.  It conditions and gentle exfoliates without damaging your skin because it melts and suds once you start to rub/apply to wet face. Rinse face with cool water after exfoliating. Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and silky. Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils is a great way to help reduce acne break out or helps to reduce red irrated skin.  It helps to reduce black heads.  It is not to be used if you have a sunburn. This is absolutely the best face scrub you will buy. Once you use it once it will become part of your everyday staple products when looking after your skin. Made in Canada.

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