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Mango Loofah Bar Soaps 110gr (organic & biodegradable)


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This green apple organic and biodegradable (Greek) loofah bar soap is absolutely decadent.

This Health Soaps hand made organic and biodegradable Mango Loofah Bar Soap is our new 2022 addition to our Health Soap bar soap family. It is pure and simple lush and rich and  it is very soothing for dry, itchy skin. Works great as a gentle loofah bar soap by the sink to gentle wash your hands.

This product is handmade so there will be imperfections but quality is NEVER compromised 🙂

Let’s talk soap…Our soaps at Health Soaps are made from scratch,  we “don’t  do”,  ready made “melt and pour soap”.   We actually start from scratch and add all our own ingredients and oils to make ours unique so we know what goes into our soap all the time. We have been doing soaps for over 25 years and although ours don’t have the fancy dancy toppings or wonderful ripple of different moca layers, ours is absolutely the best you can buy without the price tag.

It’s all natural “Pure and Simple” and it looks and smells clean and natural and it is meant to be used everyday.  It takes us almost the whole day to make our soap because everything is added at a certain temperature so we don’t compromise the healing ingredients. When it is ready we pour it into molds and then let it cool and harden.  When the time is ready we hand cut  or un-mold our bars and only then do we  get it ready for packaging and put them on our shelves.  It is functional and it looks and smells great :).  If you are suffering from dry, itchy or  irritated skin our soaps will help solve your problem because our base ingredients are never compromised.  So for those true soap lovers out there, this is it!  At Health Soaps we are very proud of our soaps!

Pure natural hand made soap made from saponified coconut, first pressed olive oil, palm, soya bean and glycerin oils and alcohol, sugar, natural antioxidant, food colour with added essential and fragrance oils and organic honey extract.  It has luxurious wonderful “fat bubbles” when it lathers onto skin.

Great for every type of skin. Helps skin keep soft and moisturized. Made in Canada.

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Weight 200.0 g

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