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This Fresh Foot Spray is perfect for freshening & deodorizing your feet.  Also, it works for athletes feet or yellow nails 🙂

What does it contain:

Alcohol, Lavender  & Tea Tree essential oils, fractionated coconut oil and clotrimazole .5%  (this is added medical ingredient that helps to fight athletes feet)

Bottom line this product is non-toxic | biodegradable | allergen free materials | free of phosphate | free of phosphate & phthalate & dye | cruelty-free.

How to use it:

Spray on feet and between toes and under nails as needed.

Place your feet on a towel before spraying because it contains added oils that help to keep your feet moisturized. The oils will soak in fast leaving behind nice soft and smooth feet.

It is a good idea to put on socks after use but not necessary 🙂

Remember if you spray it on a tile floor the floor will become slippery so be mindful of others and yourself slipping 🙂

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Feet and See the Difference!

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