Contemporary Compact White Diffuser


Contemporary Compact White Diffuser


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This compact non-breakable 100ml ultrasonic diffuser ensures the integrity of the essential oil.  It is great for kids rooms.  It looks great in any space. It is easy to open and close and it has the option to change colours or leave on one colour.   You can leave it on without having to worry when you leave the house because it turns off  automatically when the water is empty. Enjoy the cool mist aroma when you add a few drops of essential oil.  Alternatively, you can just add water and use it as a humidifier and the cool mist will help to make the air less dry. These diffusers are a great way of enjoying the healthy benefits of essential oil aromatherapy and healing cleansing properties in your house while keeping it smelling nice and fresh.  It also provides the benefits of aqua-therapy and light-therapy and it produces healthy ions into the air that enhances calmness.  Remember, in the summer you can take your diffuser outdoors onto your patio and add citronella essential oil to help ward off mosquitoes.  Happy diffusing.


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