Coco Butter Stick 60gr


Coco Butter Stick 60gr


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This organic biodegradable Coco Butter Body Bar Butter is extremely wonderful for dry, itchy, cracked, psoriasis or eczema prone skin.  It smells of rich coco butter and it is absolutely decadent.  This Coco Butter Stick  melts onto you skin and gives you great glide for those massage lovers out there 🙂  This is an alternative to the Coco Butter Bar and  it is a quick easy way of applying onto your skin without having to touch your hands.

We recommend you use this when you get out of the shower or bath after drying off your skin.  Just apply in one direction either way works and don’t forget your feet and heels 🙂 It coats and protects your skin from hash elements throughout the day.  Your skin will feel soft and smooth and people will comment on how healthy you skin looks.

You can keep this in your purse or car so you can have it wherever you go or by your sink and use it after washing your hands.  Our hands are in constant bombardment of washing or sanitizing and the lotions simply are not enough. Once you rub this coco butter bar onto your hands it will soak in quickly so don’t rub off any access instead rub your hands on your elbows or knees as an extra moisturizing nutrient. You will feel and see the difference this Coco Butter Bar makes on your skin.  I cannot say enough to people  how well this Butter Bar works to help people who suffer from problematic red irritated hands or simply who want soft great looking hands or skin.

This bar contains:  Organic Coco Butter, Shea Butter,  added Vitamin A and E, Grape Seed and Coconut Oils and Bee’s Wax!

You simply cannot ask for a better protection for your skin. Perfect protection for your skin at wintertime.

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