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Chakra Essential Oil Blend 10ml


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This special blend of seven essential oils represent the 7 Chakras.  This earthy essential oil blend  helps to balance your mind and body. It is very calming and relaxing. You can use this essential oil in your diffusers and on your body.  We often suggest buying our  lava rock bead bracelet that has the 7 different stones that represent  each of the  7 Chakras.   A few drops of Chakra essential oil on the lava beads on the bracelet soaks into the lava rock stone so that you can inhale the calming effects all day long.


CROWN-Spiritual (Amethyst Stone),

THIRD EYE-Awareness (Lazurite Stone),

THROAT-Communication (Turquoise Stone),

HEART-Love, Healing (Green King Stone)

SOLAR PLEXUS-Wisdom, Power (Tiger Eye Stone)

SACRA-Sexuality, Creativity (Amber Stone)

ROOT-Basic Trust (Red Agate)

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