3 Pack Shower Fizzers


3 Pack Shower Fizzers


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These unique hand made shower fizzers allows you to enjoy an aroma steam shower.  Imagine you inhale the eucalyptus, or lemongrass or enjoy the wonderful aroma of Satsuma, which originates from Japan it it is super infused aroma of mandarin oranges.  If feel like you are soaring in a balloon over an orange mangrove. 🙂

Prior to stepping into the shower, drop one of the shower fizzers  at the bottom close to the drain of the shower and when the water falls on it, it will release the essential oil aroma within your shower so that you can enjoy a nice steam shower and inhale the different essential oils that is released.

3 different types include :

Lemongrass Essential Oil Shower Fizzer (Invigorating & Energizing)

Satsuma Aroma Fizzer (Very refreshing)

Eucalyptus  Oil Shower Fizzer (Soothing & Relaxing)

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Weight 600 g


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