You are currently viewing Natural Bug Spray 60ml  & 250ml and Lotion 60ml

Natural Bug Spray 60ml & 250ml and Lotion 60ml

Just made our Natural Don’t Bug Me Spray comes in travel size 60ml and 250ml family size.  The Don’t Bug Me Lotion comes in the 60ml travel size for convenience.  This natural bug spray contains 30% Eucalyptus Lemon Essential Oil, other essential oils that works well to help keep the mosquitoes and bugs away.  It also contains compound alcohol. This natural bug spray can be applied as many times as needed.  The natural lotion contains 15% active ingredients of Eucalyptus Lemon and other essential oil blend.  These product smells “nice” and clean and fresh. This natural product is also better for our environment.   Feel and See the Natural Difference.

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